Smaller Schools Research

More studies show how smaller schools can make a difference - especially in neighborhoods with higher minority demographics : "New smaller high schools, typically in black or Hispanic ... (View)
Patricia A. Wasley writes a very insightful look at the relationship between small classes and small schools. Of course, research shows that small schools are mostly found in smaller school districts... (View)
"If it is believed that... elementary schools will be better managed by the governor and council, the commissioners of the literary fund or any other general authority of the government than by the ... (View)
A new study published in the New York Times shows the value of smaller schools - about 100 students per grade - in big city settings. They found that these schools had a higher graduation rate... (View)
Peter Levine makes the case in this article that smaller schools will do a better job of helping develop more responsible youth. He says, "If we hope to create effective, committed, and responsible... (View)